The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)  has confessed the commission learnt a lot of lesson from the conduct of the last general election.

He assured the lessons learnt will guide INEC in ensuring that future elections are more credible and better organised.

The INEC boss was speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2019 Post Election Review Meeting of the commission, at the Radisson Blu hotel, Ikeja Lagos on Thursday.

Yakubu, while expressing the determination of his commission to continue to improve on the credibility of elections in the country, said eleven meetings have been held by INEC with crucial stakeholders since the conclusion of the last election.

“After the 2019 general election, we are more determined than ever to improve on the quality of elections in Nigeria.

“We have learnt a lot from the conduct of the last general elections. Vital lessons have been learnt from our interactions with stakeholders on how we can improve on our efforts.

“In all facets of our duties as Electoral umpires, we are determined to improve on electoral processes in the country, using the lessons we have learnt from the last general election.

“After each election, plans for the next election should promptly commence. That is what we are doing now as we pursue our determination to improve the electoral processes in future,” he said.

According to INEC’s National Commissioner, Dr. Mustapha Lecky, the review meeting is expected to discuss 14 major issues raised from the various meetings held with stakeholders. The participants are also expected to proffer solutions they will like to see in the resolution of the issues raised.

“This is the time to look at what we did well, what we didn’t do well as well as what we didn’t do at all that we need to do. We need to proffer solutions to what was wrongly done in order to improve on the entire process.

“We need to concern ourselves with the need of people with disabilities as regards voting and participating in elections.

“There are several issues raised about this and if we continue to ignore their concerns, they may take us to court and this will affect the next election.

“We need to understand the things we did in 2019 that may have bearing on 2023 elections. We need to look at a lot of things from the issues raised for us to make future elections better,” he said.