President Muhammadu Buhari has relieved his experiences following his serial contest for the seat of the president, noting that his prayers were answered through the use of card readers for the 2015 elections.

The president said this in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES, published in its Special Print Edition.

Asked what was the lessons from his persistence in running for the office of president for four consecutive times before he eventually won, the president said he had learnt that it was necessary to entrust “everything to God, who knows the time he has set for all things.”

“When the time He (God) had set for me came, He used technology to bring me in,” he said.

“The card reader made it impossible for those in power to write fictitious results as they had always done.”

Mr Buhari said having been elected for a second term in office, he would prioritise three fundamental areas, namely, security, economy, and the fight against corruption.

He, however, said he would also ensure the creation of jobs, and focus on power generation, infrastructure, healthcare, technology, a new curriculum for education with an emphasis on science, empowering of people at the lower rungs of the ladder through People Moni Bank, catering for entrepreneurs through Entrepreneurs Bank, more opportunities for women and youth, and many others.

“All these will translate to good legacies, which will put Nigerians firmly at the Next Level, along with clean elections, which I mentioned earlier,” he said.