The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, on Friday, begged personnel of the force to return to their duty posts.

The IGP made the appeal while addressing his men at the Federal Capital Territory command in Abuja immediately after he returned from assessment tour to various police facilities destroyed by the hoodlums during #EndSARS protests.

He also charged them to protect themselves against any assault at their respective duty posts.

He said his move to embark upon the tour was to boost the morale of officers who have abandoned the streets for the past few days sequel to various attacks suffered by the security operatives in various states.

According to him, the #EndSARS protesters were out to demoralise the personnel, adding that government and the Nigerian Police Force would soon roll out package for their welfare and those who have lost their lives during the nationwide protests.

He said: “We are here today to tell you that the government is concerned with what happened and the government is behind all of us.

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“The federal government is behind all of us.

“You remember the speech Mr President gave, where he said not all police officers are bad.

“Only few that are there are bad, and they have to be reformed and the federal government is fully behind the police.

“And that the federal government will never accept any police officer to lose his life, that the unity of this country lies on the support that is given to police officers because if you’re demoralised, the tendency is for the criminals to take over the public space.

“The country is relying on us to make sure that the public space is not taken over by the criminals.

“So, no amount of provocation, no amount of insult will make us to shy away from our responsibilities in as much as we are aware that government is behind us.

“So, we will encourage you to continue performing your duties, we will encourage you to be professional in performing your duties, and we will encourage you to be civil but if anybody touches you, if anybody comes to assault you, you can also protect yourself.

“When we talk of human rights, the police are humans.

“So, the rights of police officers should also be protected.

“We are sending the message, that legally, we have the rights to protect ourselves.”

The police chief noted that the federal government had vowed to reform all the “bad eggs” within the force, assuring that recently signed Police Act will cater for the welfare of all its personnel.

“The Federal Government has vowed to make sure that from now, the police is reformed in all segments of the Force; whether it is in the area of logistics, welfare to individual officers or to our barracks.