In a bid to ensure the eradication of insurgency, the Senate President Ahmad Lawan has implored residents of communities in Borno State to embrace repentant Boko Haram insurgents whilst ensuring their reintegration into the society.

Lawan made this call on Monday when he paid a courtesy visit to the palace of Shehu of Borno, Abubakar El-Kanemi.

He noted that this is important for the entrenchment of peace in the state and across the country, while also saying that the surrender of the terrorists “is a good development for the security of this country.”

The Senate President said, “I want to take this opportunity to mention that the federal government of Nigeria will continue to work with the Borno state government to ensure that there is a restoration of peace and stability.

“The recent surrender by Boko Haram elements is a good development for the security of this country.

“Those that have no issues to answer are sanitised and taken back to their communities. Those that may have issues to answer should be taken through the legal processes.

“But we must ensure that we encourage Boko Haram elements and those they have taken by force to come out to surrender so that this unnecessary insurgency placed on us comes to an end.”

He further stated that the government should do everything possible to encourage the terrorists to surrender.

“I believe there is no need for any controversy over what we need to do with people who surrendered. In any war, in every war, surrender is the ultimate. If we can achieve it, we should do everything and anything possible to encourage more and more to come out so that we are able to come to the end of this unnecessary insurgency that has taken our States back for so many years in terms of development,” Lawan said.