Outgoing Lawmakers Tasked To Retire IOU or Lose Severance Benefits

The management of the National Assembly has issued a notice to lawmakers at the upper and lower chambers to retire their Expenditure within two weeks or risk being paid their severance package, DAILY POST has learnt on Monday.

An aide to one of the outgoing lawmaker in the House of Representatives, who was seen moving out the belongings of her boss confided in the correspondent that, she, “got the notice which asks all lawmakers to retire their funds or they would have issues receiving their severance packages.”

Another aide, who was yet to be dispatched with the said notice, explained that he was waiting.

He said, “the retirement was not new to members”, saying that, “lawmakers were expected to retire their travelling allowances, their committee assignments and others incidentals.”

Office of the Sergeant-At-Arms, the official security unit of the National Assembly is expected to enforce compliance at to the vacation of the lawmakers’ offices at the expiration of the ultimatum.

Meanwhile, information available to DAILY POST also indicated that services department, which operates directly in the office of the Clerk to the National Assembly has began allocation of offices to the incoming lawmakers at both the Senate and House of Representatives.

Sources in the services department further explained that they would observe their tradition of allocating another suite to returnee lawmakers instead of the one they are occupying now, adding that it’s only the offices of principal officers of both Chambers that remains permanent.