Prices of food stuffs and other commodities have increased in many border towns and most of the country’s cities as the borders remain partially closed, Daily Trust reports.

The partial closure is as a result of joint security exercise conducted by the customs, immigration, and other security outfits aimed at securing Nigeria’s borders. The exercise started on August 20.

The authorities said the security exercise was called at the instance of the National Security Adviser (NSA).

Many Nigerians who do trans-border business have been experiencing difficulties in carrying out their trade.
This has forced them to cut their demand even as they increased the prices of their little stocks, our reporters learnt.

Worst hit are residents of border communities where prices of food stuffs and other commodities have soared.

In some border communities in Ogun State, petrol was even sold for N350 per litre, instead of government regulated price of N145/litre.

Also in border communities in Kwara state, petrol price that used to be N160 is now being sold for between N200 and N400.

The increment in petrol price in the areas has also led to hike in transportation fare which has also affected the prices of locally produced food items like yam, yam flour and others in most towns in Kwara State.