A stern note of warning has been issued to marauding Fulani herdsmen, who sometimes parade themselves as cattle herders, but get involved in killings and other atrocities in the South West.

The warning was issued on Tuesday night by the Yoruba Obas Forum, an association of Yoruba monarchs.

Rising after the meeting which held at Ibadan, the group issued a communiqué signed by HRM Oba Samuel Adeoye, the interim President of the association, which centred on issues affecting the Yoruba nation, including national security, particularly as it affects Yorubaland.

The communiqué by the Yoruba Obas Forum reads thus in part: “As a result of the unspeakable and alarming rate of insecurity and activities of supposed Fulani herdsmen and kidnappers in the country especially in Yoruba land, Yoruba Obas unanimously agreed that the following measures should be taken, that henceforth, no Yoruba Oba shall allocate any portion of land for the purpose of grazing cattle especially to the Fulani herdsmen without thorough investigation into the genuineness of such venture.

“It is advised that the Fulanis committing these atrocities should be pronounced terrorists and the Federal Government must take measures at the earliest possible time.

“The law enforcement agencies should be properly equipped to forestall the security challenges affecting the nation.

“The Federal Government must take action against those bankrolling the activities of these notorious Fulani killer herdsmen.

“It is indeed germane for Yoruba Obas to utilize our traditional system in enhancing security.

“We must reinforce our local security outfits and community policing to curtail all source of security menace.

“In order to arrest the spate of insecurity across the country, the Forum calls for the establishment of state and community policing.”