it was an American legislator John Milson, who said “ Every cloud has a silver lining”. But some clouds can be dark that it will require an uncommon magnifier to sight the lining.

No election can be said to be totally rosy, there must be hurdles and obstacles to be crossed. With the shodding vaporization this week and consequent change in the political dynamics across parties, a number of dreams and aspirations have become stillborn. As the brickbats, extensive horse-trading, monkey jumping takes the front burner of the Nigeria political space, this bulletin will x-ray the top five contenders gunning for the Aso Rock Crown in 2019. In total disobedience to any known sequential arrangement. They include:

Mr handsome. If cuteness was the major criteria for assuming Nigeria seat of power, then he has already won the election. Viewed by many as a slay candidate because of his pedestrian political swagger. However, in terms of flamboyance and penchant for expensive clothing, even an accustomed American rock star cannot rival him. Nicknamed Nigeria’s Barack Obama by the younger generation, because of his finesse and civilised politics of development and intellectual engagement. Comics are harvesting his candidacy to sell their jokes because his ambition is not in sync with the geo-political extrapolations. That is why men are talking about him funnily
while many a woman drool excitedly and gesticulate animatedly while describing him. That is the magic effect he has on people these days. He is the presidential candidate of Obasanjo’s Social Democratic Party(SDP).
Strength: Grammatical eloquence, age, good looks, attractive credentials
Weakness : Limited resources, weak platform, geo-political zone

A lioness with a magnetic oratorical prowess. Her sudden appearance in the race was greeted by massive applause by the feminine gender. She dwarfs countless amazons in womanliness, valour and character. Like a battle plated general, her political exploits in activism and advocacy commands random tributes of interminable sighs. A rare-breed among the womenfolk. She has been through many political battles, rocked by one catastrophe or the other and on every occasion, she emerged stronger and wiser. She is the presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria(ACPN).
Strength : Oratorical power, good credentials, age
Weakness : Weak platform, limited resources, geo-political zone.

Kingsley Moghalu
A good and youthful candidate who has been engaging in clandestine moves burnishing his credentials as the best. Intellectually, he flaunts a visceral approach that only a few of his contemporaries can rival. Many believe that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for him to become the number one citizen of Nigeria. Not because he is incompetent, far from it. But because he would be a victim of the Nation’s Political System in which merit is sacrificed on the altar of godfatherism, ethnic, political and religious affiliations. There is no gainsaying he has been an astute administrator, diplomat and a seasoned technocrat but he needs to be admonished that politics in Nigeria, particularly as played in this digital age goes beyond financial policy formulation and boardroom convections. He is the candidate of the Young Progressive Party(YPP).
Strength : Intimidating credentials, grammatical eloquence, age
Weakness : Weak platform, limited resources, geo-political zone

An eagle, a war horse whose political experience is as old as civilization. The peoples prince who has a reputation as a strong economy manager. Presently, he is the darling of many Nigerians, leaders and top executives across the globe because of his gospel of restructuring and massive yearning for “Change the Change”. He has become the high watermark by which other contestants are measured. He has worked so hard to attain his current status and he is far removed from the contemporary alpha male stereotype that glorifies flamboyance, self-aggrandizement and narcissism above substance. He reached for the moon, knowing that if his grasp missed its cusp, his hands may land on the stars. And his hands indeed landed on the stars. Blessed with the confidence of ten kings, the artistry and political skills he deployed at the PDP Primary Election especially crafting an ingenious fence mending acceptance speech that won Obasanjo over; shows that he is a master tactician. His joint ticket with Peter Obi promises to be the best politics ever played in Nigeria. He is the candidate of the PDP.
Strength : Deep pocket, massive political experience, strong platform and structure, sound economic blueprint
Weakness : Age, North-East/North-West political rivalry.

Muhammadu Buhari
With all due respect to his office. The incumbent president who came to power in 2015 on the crest of change using three main point agenda (Economy, Corruption and Security). But the much parroted change seems to be a mirage afterwards. Under his three year rulership, Hooke’s Law has been randomly disobeyed as Nigerians have exceeded their elastic limits in terms of patience and endurance on many occasions .When praise is undeserved, it becomes scandal in disguise-captures his praise singers claim of achievements. His celebrated marriage with nepotism cannot be divorced. Religious affiliation is his older brother. He is the candidate of the All Progressives Congress(APC).

Strength : Federal might (INEC, Security Agencies), state resources,strong platform.
Weakness : Age, insecurity, half-hearted corruption fight, struggling economy, Nepotism, secession quest, etc.

This piece is not to launder the image of any leader but to assert the fidelity and stoic perseverance of genius within the footholds of power and politics. However,  as the saying goes, 24 hours is a long time in politics, anything can happen at the nick of time.

The crown revolves around the two major parties(PDP and APC) based on the Nigeria political system. The religious, socio-cultural and political ministration that went on air at the Obasanjo’s Hiltop mansion on Thursday sent gitters through the spine of APC, prompting it to cry blue murder. Those familiar with the Nigeria political configuration knows that the choice of Peter Obi( A man of unimpeachable integrity who is a good student of economics) from the South-East betrays a joint ticket to beat. The mother of all contests is loading(North-East/South-East and North-West/South-West -Something is cooking)