Senator Seidu Dansadau, a governorship candidate in Zamfara State, says former Vice President Atiku   Abubakar is not corrupt even as he accused clerics and the media as the main blocs of influencers of the erroneous but unsubstantiated accusation that Atiku is corrupt.

Dasadau, who is also the Chairman of the National Rescue Mission,NRM, one of the newly registered parties, said, contrary to the public opinion, no trace of corruption was traced to Atiku, whether while in office or outside office. According to him, there is the erroneous believe that whoever is rich is corrupt. “The common mean psyche has been so bastardized such that whoever is rich must be corrupt and thief.

The clerics and the media are not helping matters. Without adequate information based on thorough investigation, these two blocs just say and write anything about people. Unfortunately, there are no consequences for such unverifiable claims”, he said.  “As chairman of Public Accounts for two years in the Senate and members of the same committee for 8 years, I can tell you that there was no corruption traced to Atiku. But those who don’t like him particularly these blocs, they   are quick to judge and say he is corrupt. In our spiritual history, disciples and prophets of God, some were into businesses and some of them were very rich within their time. Business and entrepreneurship is a noble career.

One of the strengths of Atiku is business. Whatever business he touches, God blesses him. His water company, Faro, do you know the profits he makes from that alone. That alone can sustain one for life”,he stated.

Dansadau   advised the ruling party to make campaign issue based rather than personal attacks.   “That is the only way they can be taken seriously because the only thing one hearing from APC   these days is that Buhari is the only person who is not corrupt   and the only person who can rule Nigeria. So, whoever challenges him automatically is corrupt. In fact,   this corruption issue is no longer relevant. It’s been over flogged. My advice is, let them change that strategy. It is too weak to win over any discerning minds”