Sowore further took a stab at one of his biggest opponents at next year’s polls, President Muhammadu Buhari, noting that history has been kind to the people that destroyed Nigeria.

He said Nigeria has no future if any of 75-year-old Buhari or 72-year-old Atiku is allowed to emerge victorious in the 2019 presidential election.

He said, “Sometimes, we don’t celebrate our own. We don’t celebrate the contributions that we’ve made at different times in this country. And that’s why I think they don’t teach history anymore. Because if we had history in our curriculum, somebody would have taught our children that Obasanjo is a bad person, that Babangida is a thief, that Atiku was a Customs officer who made it by stealing, that Buhari is a useless man. We didn’t need Donald Trump to tell us Buhari is lifeless.

Nigeria Will Collapse If Buhari Wins 2019 Election – Obasanjo

“But here we are in 2018, there is a debate about who to choose between the worst and the baddest. And we’re all here still romanticising about what Nigeria should be in the future.

“Let me tell you, Nigeria has no future with these guys. It’s the truth. We have no future because people who destroyed your past cannot guarantee you any future.”