Human Rights Activist Tayo Demola has lent his voice to the raging controversy about the real person occupying the Aso Rock presidential villa as many people have kept insinuating that it’s not the real president Muhammadu Buhari who is currently in the presidential villa. Many Nigerians have had to doubt whether it is actually the real Buhari who is leading them after the dissident IPOB group leader Nnamdi Kanu claimed that Buhari has been cloned with a certain Jubrin from Sudan.

Recall that recently Bishop David Oyedepo, a respected man of God in Nigerian also lent his voice to the raging controversy by doubting whether it’s actually the real Buhari occupying the Aso Rock villa.

In a tweet on his Twitter handle, the activist asked the president to clear the doubt about his personality by going for a DNA forensic test to verify his personality and put the issue to rest and to assure Nigerians that he has not been cloned or replaced with another person as being insinuated in several quarters all over the world.