The Senior Special adviser to the President on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs Hon. Abike Dabiri Erewa has reiterated that the present administration is committed to improving the nation’s healthcare system through liaising with Nigerian doctors in Diaspora.

She said this at the Nigeria Health Watch annual Future Health Conference themed ‘The Diaspora as Nigerians Brain Gain’ in Abuja.


She noted that Nigerians in Diaspora are very relevant to Nigeria, adding that “they possess immeasurable resources as they present expertise in their related area of profession.”

“They are usually the top performers in their fields in any country, so leaving us for a while has value as they present credible resources and experience that can propel the development of our nation and project the image of the nation in a positive way”

She further called on Nigerian doctors in Diaspora who have gained landmark achievements in other countries to come back and strengthen the Nigeria healthcare system.

“With this structured plan, we do not have to solely rely on our developmental partners to help solve our problems we have the capability to solve these problems ourselves. We are relying on Nigerians healthcare givers that have gained landmark in other countries to come back home and strengthen our healthcare system.” She said.

The Future of Health Conference is a leading platform that sets actionable roadmaps to move the Nigerian health sector forward with this year’s focus on Diaspora leveraging their specialty to building networks that will strengthen the Nigeria health sector.

Speaking at the event, Dr Ifeanyi Nsofor, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Nigeria Health Watch called on Nigerian doctors in Diaspora to see the opportunities in Nigeria’s health ecosystem and seek ways to leverage their expertise in building a good network aimed at strengthening the Nigeria’s health sector.

The Nigeria Medical Association on its part noted that it is in continuous collaboration with Diaspora doctors on Continuous Professional Developmental aimed at synergizing the health sector, Dr Tonnie Okoye, National Strategic Program Manager for the Nigeria Medical Association revealed.

He however lamented the communication gap between doctors based in Nigeria and those abroad while calling on Nigerian doctors  based both in Nigeria and abroad to give in their best to improve quality of life in the country.