Following the crisis that engulfed Kasuwan Magani, Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna state penultimate week, hundreds of people have started to relocate to where they have termed safe environment within the city.

Some who were eager to moved out immediately after the crisis hired the services of security personnel to accompany them, while those who were patient enough for fear of security harassment during the curfew period have started packing their luggage and family to a secured environment.

In Kasuwan Magani which is mostly dominated by Adara Christians, some Muslims residing there have since vacated their houses for fear of future occurrence, while Christians in Tudunwada, Trikania, which is mostly dominated by Muslims have since vacated their homes for fear of future occurrence as they have relocated to Christian dominated area.

In Kasuwan Magani, Alhaji Abdul Lawal told DAILY POST that he had made arrangement with a bus driver to pack all his property to Kaduna North as he could no longer endure frequent crisis in Kasuwan Magani.


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According to him, during this year’s February crisis in Kasuwan Magani, he lost one of his sons. In this October crisis, his house was nearly burnt down in Kasuwan Magani but for the quick intervention of security personnel deployed to keep peace.

Hear him, ” I have stayed in Kasuwan Magani throughout my life. I have not witnessed such horrible and dangerous killings in my life. As I am speaking to you now, I have paid for rooms in Kaduna north. I have made up my mind to move out of this place, Kasuwan Magani. Let me have my peace.”